Google Maps Collaboration

The greatest bugbear of Indian cities is the encroachment on public land by illegal slums.

The hills and seasonal river channels of Mumbai’s sole green lung -Borivali National Park have been encroached upon from all sides- Goregaon, Mulund, Kandivali, Thane… 70% of Mumbai’s population now stays in unauthorized slums, in miserable sanitary conditions. Thats roughly 10 million people – a logistical nightmare to rehabilitate, even if there was a serious effort. 

Dehradun is on the verge of becoming another Mumbai. 30 % of its population-3 lakh people, now stay in unauthorised slums on the banks of its seasonal rivers, Rispana and Bindal


India needs better urban planning and foresite, therefore Atal Indian partnered with Google to map areas in Dehradun which were vulnerable to encroachment in the future.

The mapped areas are located between the Rispana, and the Song (Sahastradhara) Rivers.

Tagging Historical Places

Atal Indian mapped the area where the battle of Nalapani, which established the legend of the valorous Gurkha warrior, was fought in November 1814. 

Neglected pre British era historical landmarks were photographed, and tagged online so that they become better known.

Road Construction

Atal Indian coordinated, and helped the construction of roads connecting the Atal Vatika.